Easily one of my favorite television shows, Homicide: Life on the Street (1993-1999) lasted a riveting 6 seasons.  This series wasn't just another cop-show, but rather a character-based drama that explored the lives of Baltimore homicide detectives.  While some of these quotes are sheer comic relief (quipped by ordinary humans facing death on a daily basis), others are chillingly prophetic.

Det. Stanley Bolander: When I was young, a codependent relationship was a good marriage...Sometimes I wanna call my wife just to hear the sound of her voice. But I know that five minutes into that phone call, my blood pressure is going through the roof, the phone is sailing across the room and I'm wishing that she's on a plane falling out of the sky...It's over. I know it's over. But I had to replace six telephones before I, I really got the hint.



Det. John Munch: ['speculating' cause of death] From the tracks on his arms, the large caliber wound, the proximity to a heroin market -- I'd say it was a heated dispute about the symbolism of red and blue in eighteenth century French romantic poetry.



Lt. Al Giardello: Do I smell the acrid aroma of squadroom discord? The breakdown of the collaborative process? Because I'd hate to think that two of my carefully matched detectives are finding lumps in the honeymoon mattress.



Det. Frank Pembleton: [To fellow detective, Kay Howard, regarding her self-doubt] You know, every day I get out of bed and drag myself to the next cup of coffee. I take a sip and the caffeine kicks in. I can focus my eyes again. My brain starts to order the day. I'm up, I'm alive. I'm ready to rock. But the time is coming when I wake up and decide that I'm not getting out of bed. Not for coffee, or food or sex. If it comes to me, fine. If it won't, fine. No more expectations. The longer I live, the less I know. I should know more. I should know the coffee's killing me. You're suspicious of your suspicions? I'm jealous, Kay; I'm so jealous. You still have the heart to have doubts. Me? I'm going to lock up a 14-year-old kid for what could be the rest of his natural life. I got to do this. This is my job. This is the deal. This is the law. This is my day. I have no doubts or suspicions about it. Heart has nothing to do with it anymore. It's all in the caffeine.



Mary Pembleton: God got you through your stroke.
Frank Pembleton: No. God, as usual, was in the next county making hurricanes and hunchbacked babies!



Det. Steve Crosetti: Got any toilet paper?
Det. Meldrick Lewis: Nope.
Det. Steve Crosetti: Got five ones for a five?



Det. Frank Pembleton: Virtue isn't virtue unless it slams up against vice. So consequently, your virtue's not real virtue. Until it's been tested... tempted.



Det. Frank Pembleton: [to perp] Arrested once, hey, you're entitled. Arrested twice -- it's Baltimore, home of the bar brawl. But arrested three times for assault in one year -- maybe it's time for you to start admitting that you have emotional control problems.



Det. Meldrick Lewis: Donate all your shirts to a thrift shop. They wash 'em, they iron 'em, they hang 'em out for sale. The next day, you waltz on in there and you buy 'em back up for two bucks a pop...What are you gonna pay at a dry cleaner, huh? Six bucks?