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In a small East Texas community, we find what appears to be a pleasant festive nativity scene at a local residence inhabited by a self-imposed recluse whom the local townsfolk simply call "Gecko".


All seems well on this barren landscape...


A rare sighting of Mr. Gecko indicates that, despite rumors of his cold-blooded nature, he must have a warm heart as he trims his Christmas tree.


There's talk of a disfiguring "skin condition" that plaques Mr. Gecko.  Unfortunately a flare-up has coincided with the Christmas season.  Bizarre mood swings seem to have ensued.


The following images are graphic to say the least, but they give a grim insight as to the true nature of this beast called Gecko.  To the right of the picture can be seen yet a glimpse of the carnage.


As if the cold-hearted toppling of wisemen and Holy Family alike were not enough, the Gecko clearly basks in his evil deed as he suffocates the elder of the wisemen.


And then he tramples over his prey, victorious.


The scene is horrific...


With one wiseman left standing and miraculously an unscathed baby Jesus oblivious to the tragedy...the Gecko plots his final attack.


The enraged sociopath quickly navigates the terrain to complete his rampage by ravaging the remaining two.


One can only speculate at this point, but the final picture on the photographer's roll of film seems to indicate that Gecko spotted our brave correspondent....and thus, perhaps as documentation of his demise, our photographer manages to capture one more image of this grizzly cold-blooded killer. 

Matt Hilton, a local screwball, gives his own interpretation of the photos.  Mr. Hilton postulates that the "disfiguring skin condition" is actually a natural phenomenon, experienced by all Geckos, that is actually called "molting".  This so-called molting is a seasonal shedding of skin.  It is Mr. Hilton's opinion that Mr. Gecko was only doing what comes natural by aggressively scraping his body against any and all surrounding objects in an attempt to remove every remnant of the old skin.  Of course this reporter cannot confirm Mr. Hilton's explanation.
* no geckos (or Holy Family) were harmed in the production of this article.