What is 120inna55?

It's my online alias.  Just google "120inna55" and you'll see where I've been.  A long time ago, when I ventured into the online realm, I needed a moniker.  At the time, I was enthralled with my really fast car.  I was a wannabe rebel, so my wife encouraged me to use an alias that would reflect my new-found brashness.  120inna55 is supposed to represent a traffic violation---120 mph in a 55 mph zone.  "120 in a 55" is the speeding ticket I never got and probably never will.  Honestly, the name never really reflected my true self, but I suppose that's the beauty of having an online persona.  In reality, I do, for the most part, follow the rules.

What's this website about?

The first page is my blog.  Keep in mind while reading my blog, most pictures are thumbnails that can be clicked for a larger version of the picture (you will not be redirected from this site). For most blog entries, there is a link at the end that will take you to my online discussion forum. To restrict spammers, I do require that you register on the forum before being allowed to post your comments.
The rest of the site will inevitably change with time because it simply reflects my interests.

Where can I learn more about 120inna55 and his personal life?

Because the ego prevails, we all assume other people are actually interested in our personal lives.  The fact is, I'm not that interesting.  But if you must know more, go to Hilton-House.net.  There you can find a slightly more realistic view of my true self along with pictures of my home and pets.