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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gruesome Tragedy Stuns Local Citizens

December 11, 2010, Baxter, TX - A quiet Texas community was literally shaken at its core early Jack Tupp, victimSaturday morning when local landowner, Matt Hilton, stumbled upon a gruesome crime scene.  Texas native, John Tupp, known by his friends as "Jack", was found eviscerated just outside his home off County Road 4508, the apparent victim of homicide. Mr. Tupp served his community for years as a hard working excavator.  Friends of the victim indicate he mostly kept to himself with nary an enemy except that of suspect Gypsy Hilton.  

Ms. HilGypsy Hilton, irreverent perpetratorton is on record for having submitted many informal verbal complaints with regard to the victim's late night construction jobs, accusing Mr. Tupp of interrupting her sleep.  Apparently Ms. Hilton's rage was further fueled by her landlords' dismissive attitude toward her outbursts calling them simply imaginative fabrications. Attempts were made to interview Ms. Hilton at the scene, but she refused comment.  While this reporter would never speculate in the interest of justice, it seems obvious that Ms. Hilton clearly is the perpetrator of this crime. Crime scene photographs reveal a Blood evidencebright red substance on her chin that could only be the blood of the late Mr. Tupp. Local transient, Toby Kins, initially seemed to be a reliable witness as he ambitiously gave his account.  Unfortunately, in the middle of the interview, Mr. Kins seemed to get lost in thought and began rambling about unrelated matters regarding tennis balls and squeaky chew toys.  A brief encounter was had with local curmudgeon, old maid Mercy Hilton (no relation), who only muttered, "They should all be locked up."  One thing is for sure, it will be quite some time before the Baxter community reels from this horrible tragedy.

Toby Kins, local blabbermouth  Mercy Hilton, curmudgeon Criminal, fleeing the scene

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