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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To the soul-less jerk who dumped this dog...
10 months ago, apparently some jerk dumped a dog at our dead-end country road.  Click here to see my original post about Gypsy.

Gypsy has turned out to be a great dog.  Her training has been a little difficult because she's so different from any other dog we've had.  She still has the destructive puppy-ness quality, but she's trying so hard to be good.  She is probably the most obedient of the pack, now.  She comes to me when I call her, and then she even heels---and I didn't even intentionally teach her that.  On my morning walks, if I call her once, she comes to me and sits, making direct eye contact.  Then, as I continue walking, she walks very close to me and behind me.  If I don't have my hands in my pockets, my hand will occasionally inadvertantly brush her nose, due to her being so close.  She does this regardless of what the rest of the pack is doing.  She understands the signal to carry on (un-heel?) is for me to kneel down and pet on her while talking to her in a playful tone. While it still requires a voice command, she even restrains herself from chasing the school bus or newspaper guy, overcoming the pack mentality despite Bonnie and Mercy charging off barking their fool heads off.  I've all but given up on breaking Bonnie and Mercy from this annoying activity.

Today, the warm sun knocked Gypsy down.  I just wanted to post these pics to show what a beautiful dog she's turned out to be.  So, to the soul-less jerk who dumped her, have a look at what you gave up...

(click thumbnails for larger versions)


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