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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Becky's Back!
It's been well over a year since I've seen meteorologist, Rebecca Miller.  My wife and I immediately noticed her abscence from KXAS in Rebecca MillerMarch 2008. We searched online for information regarding her absence and eventually discovered she was fired by KXAS. (If you want to know the details of her exit, it's easy to find with a quick internet search. I won't go into that here, since it's well covered elsewhere.)  Regardless of the reason, it was a dumb move on KXAS's part.  Becky's forcasts were honest, and she never hyped the weather.  Texas weather is volitile enough as it is.  Unfortunately, some meteorologists seem to project the worst instead of the likelihood. If every front that comes through is a "tragedy", the viewers begin to quit listening, and then they're unprepared when a "real" threatening storm comes through. Becky would talk to the viewers as if we were actually intelligent.  She'd tell us when a real threat was coming, but just as importantly, she would tell us when things weren't so dangerous.  A very refreshing trait that Becky has is her comfort in her own skills allowing her to be honest when she's just not sure, while so many other meteorologists don't even acknowledge when they've gotten it wrong.KDAF-TV
Flipping through the channels recently, I landed on KDAF-TV Channel 33.  Much to my surprise, there's Rebecca Miller!  After a quick search, we found that she's been there full-time since January.  That'll teach me to stay in a rut and only watch one channel for news.  My wife and I adore Becky so much, we may actually sacrifice HD news just to get the informative forecasts from her.  I'm torn, though, because I do like KXAS's Brendan Higgins, Deborah Ferguson, and Tammy Dombeck, but I'm willing to give KDAF's personalities a chance.  Now, I need to go find the emails of their the engineers to find out their plans to go HD.
Welcome back, Becky!  Sorry it took so long to find you.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Project Natal
It's a rare occasion that technology actually leaves me speechless.  The problem with being a technophile is that your obsession results in constant exposure to the technology you love.  This inherently desensitizes you to the advancements in technology.  You come to PalmPilotexpect it.  You learn to anticipate the natural progression, and you often find yourself unimpressed when it doesn't progress as quickly iPhoneas you would like.  For instance, if you used a PalmPilot in 1996, you probably weren't surprised by the advancements of the iPhone.  Sure, the iPhone spanks the capabilities of the PalmPilot, but a PalmPilot user could easily envision the future iPhone.  The technology of the touch screen and motion sensor was cool, no doubt---but not jaw-dropping.
At this year's E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo), Microsoft unveiled an add-on device for their XBox 360.  This is a project that's currently being fine-tuned and is projected to be available to consumers by 2011 at the latest.  The project, codenamed Natal, reveals a technology that, in my opinion, makes a great leap in Natalinteractive technology as opposed to an incremental step.  Since this is not a tech blog, I won't attempt to re-hash what the professional tech bloggers out there have already posted, so check out what the folks at Gizmodo have to say about Project Natal for more details. 
Honestly, this is something that is both exciting and a little scary. Can you conceive the natural progression---the logical, incremental outcome of this technology?
Check out the following videos for the crash-course.  The first video is a demo.  The second video is an interview with Peter Molyneux, one of the designers of Natal.  These are both must-see videos.  My jaw has dropped.

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